Lay Of The land

Crofting is a small-scale agricultural practise, specific to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. It has existed within the Gaelic culture since the 19th century, Crofters looking after the land, sustaining the landscapes for how we know them today. Thousands of sheep used to grazing the land, today the hills remain bare with few left.

Modernisation has swept across the globe and with it the loss of many traditions. Crofting, a humble hard-working traditional way of living is disappearing.


Only a few full time Crofters remain in the Isle of Harris, The Outer Hebrides; who say the younger generation have no interest in following in their footsteps.

This project documents the last remaining full-time crofters, to tell a story of what once was a thriving way of life in the Scottish Islands. Showing the beautiful connection between humans, animals, as well as the landscapes which they take care of. The crofters personal and physical stories reflect a wider one, of strong identity of belonging and emotional relationship humans have with the environment.